Frequently Asked Questions

What is Krynkle?

Krynkle is the place where homeowners can go to find out people are spending on home improvement projects in their neighborhood.  The goal is to show how much value you can get without overspending on improving your home.  It’s also a place that you can store your home improvement documents, images, so that you can have a record of your home improvement.

How does Krynkle protect my privacy?

We have a commitment to data privacy.  Your documents are securely stored in encryption, your data is not shared with anybody.

Where does Krynkle get its data?

Data is our competitive advantage. The company’s goal is to organize the world’s home improvement data to empower homeowners with information to make home improvement easy.

Can a homeowner edit their profile to remove photos?

All photos are the property of the homeowner. If deleted all photos are removed from our servers.

Is Krynkle providing me financial or real estate advice?

Krynkle is not a realtor and does not provide financial advice. If you require appraisal value for your home, you should consult with a licensed appraiser